Church Community Builder

Whoever you are, wherever you call home, whatever your circumstances, you matter to us at Fellowship Bible Church.  Help us get to know you and help you to grow in your faith, by helping you get…and stay connected.

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What is Church Community Builder (CCB)?

Church Community Builder is our means of staying connected with you, keeping you informed, and helping you to connect with others in community.

Benefits of CCB
  • Connectivity helps you to
    • send  a message or email those in the church.
    • find addresses and contact information.
  • Pictorial Directory help you to
    • put together a name with a face.
  • Church Public Calendar keeps you
    • informed of church activities and group meetings.
  • Group Communication helps group members to
    • stay connected through the week through group email, and more.
    • track attendance of its members, so no one is left adrift.
    • plan events, by reserving rooms and resources, send out invitations and track RSVPs, and keep an up-to-date group calendar.
  • Children’s Ministry Check-In provides
    • quick and easy check-in.
    • keeps children safe and secure during drop-off and pick-up.
    • if the need arises, emergency and contact information for each child
      at our finger tips.
    • text message paging when parent is quickly needed.
  • Online giving provides
    • an easy, secure, and  mobile friendly space for giving.
    • a detailed history of your contributions.
    • ability to designate your giving.