Church Membership

Belonging to a Church is a vital part of the Christian walk. At Fellowship Bible Church, membership is not an achieved status – it is an ongoing lifestyle. It is not passive, but active. A member of Fellowship Bible Church is someone who…

  • has personally trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • is committed to our mission and vision.
  • is actively involved in our church.
The Process

Membership at Fellowship Bible Church begins with these steps:

  1. Attend our Discover LIFE @ Fellowship class.
  2. Work through our membership packet with pastor or elder.
    1. What does Membership at Fellowship mean?
    2. Share Your Personal Testimony.
    3. Explore Ministry Opportunities.
  3. Introduction to Congregation.

Discover LIFE Membership Class
October 14
Sycamore Room |  North Foyer
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Interested in finding out more about Fellowship Bible Church, join us as we discover LIFE together!

  • Learn from our pastors about
    • what we believe.
    • our Mission and Vision.
    • how you can partner with us to help you grow deep and reach out.

If you would like to attend click here! For more information contact Ina Gordon, Connections Director, Ina Gordon.