Fall 2020 Bible Study

The Rise of King David 

 (Spiritual Leadership Study) 

1 Samuel 24 – 2 Samuel 81 Chronicles 10-12 

Men, join us as we cover selected chapters between 1 Samuel 24 and 2 Samuel 8, plus 1 Chronicles 10-12, for 10 weeks in the fall of 2020, beginning with 1 Samuel 24.  The study will focus on the leadership development, character qualities, and initial reign of King David at the zenith of Israel’s history.  

Our weekly meetings will last about 1½ hours each, with the first part devoted to group discussion of the study.  In the second part, we will break up into small groups for further discussion plus accountability and encouragement.   

Meeting Times:

  • Tuesday Mornings On-site at Fellowship, 6:30-8:00am – September 15 through November 17
  • Wednesday Nights On-site at Fellowship & Online via Zoom, 6:30-8:00pm – September 16 through November 18

In keeping with the Fellowship men’s ministry goal of developing and equipping men to be mature disciples and spiritual leaders, the men in this group are asked to commit to the following: 

  1. Attending regularly and participating in the group discussions; 
  1. Studying each chapter, identifying major issues, lessons and takeaways; 
  1. Spending regular time in the Word and prayer (daily quiet time).