High School Ministry

Weekly Opportunities
Wednesday Nights
Wednesday Night LIFE
Student Wing | South Foyer

Join in fellowship, and be challenged each week by God’s Word. Engage in exciting gospel-centered environment, connect with friends, and with mentors who will help you grow, as you journey through this stage of life.

New Wednesday Night Series
The ResistanceThe Resistance
October 11

Christians are urged to live a life dedicated to the God who loves them. You have been given the freedom to do that through Christ. Yet, the enemy seeks to steal that freedom. Every day you are called to duty as you struggle with internal and external forces that promise satisfaction, but steal your joy. You are not alone in this fight. Join us. Welcome to The Resistance!



Sunday Mornings

Sunday Worship2.jpgWorship
Worship Center | South Foyer




GodsJudgement_poster copyStudent Gathering Time
Student Wing | South Foyer




Special Events and Activities
joshua-fuller-207187Student Ministries
The Hunt
October 28
Depart: Fellowship Bible Church
Pick-Up: Fellowship Bible Church

Teams of high school students will meet at the church, then set their course to travel across the land of Waco. On their quest, they shall obtain video footage of assorted items and occurrences. The team with the most points wins! Students will celebrate their journeys and conquests back at the Fellowship Café. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Volunteer Opportunities to Serve