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Shauna Willett Sept 2021

               Shauna Willett

      Early Childhood Director

Sunday Mornings

9:00am-10:15am      First Service  

10:45am-12:00pm   Second Service  

Nursery                         Infants - Walkers (up to 23 mo.)
Fellowship Kids           Twos - Kindergarten


Wednesday Evenings

Our Wednesday evening programs have concluded for the spring semester. Stay tuned for our upcoming summer events and fall programming!

Our Purpose

Our desire is to create a warm, loving and safe environment for children.  On your child’s first visit, please visit the Fellowship Kids Welcome Desk, where you will be asked to fill out a Kids Connect card. This provides our staff and volunteers with valuable information, including any special needs your child may have. Each subsequent visit, you will need to check-in your child at one of our check-in stations or kiosks. If you have trouble with the check-in process, or trouble printing your child's tag, stop by the Fellowship Kids Check-In desk. Our volunteers will be happy to assist you!

Equipment & Safety

Cribs and equipment are kept sanitary. Childcare staff use rubber gloves for diaper changes and are required to wash hands with antibiotic soap or use hand sanitizer after wiping noses or changing diapers. For your child's care and safety, there are a minimum of two adults in every room.

How You Can Help

Please label items you bring. Include a pacifier or security item and a change of clothes (if potty training). When leaving your child, tell them in a loving voice that you are going but will soon be back. If your child continues to be upset for more than 15 minutes, we will inform you.

Health Policies

With cooperation from our parents we operate a “well-child” ministry. For the protection of all children and teachers, we cannot accept a child in the classroom with any of the following symptoms:

  • fever (free for 24 hours)
  • vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • persistent cough or sore throat
  • communicable diseases
  • contagious rashes or infections
  • colored discharge from nose or eyes
  • Babies in the Nursery promote based on ability to walk or the parents' preference.
  • One-year-olds through grade school promote once a year in August based on the child's age by the following September 1st.

For More Information on Early Childhood Ministry, contact: Shauna Willett, Early Childhood Director | shauna.willett@fellowshipwaco.org

Interested in Serving in the Early Childhood Ministry?

We need caring team members to come alongside us to share God's love with our Fellowship kids. Will you pray about and consider this serving opportunity? You can serve every week, every other week or even once a month on Sunday mornings. Please email our Early Childhood Director, Shauna Willett, at  shauna.willett@fellowshipwaco.org  for more information or click the link below.

Volunteer Opportunities to Serve