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COVID-19 Update: Parents and Students, During this time that we cannot meet together, please stay connected to our Student Ministry through our Facebook and Instagram pages. We’ll also be connecting with students through the GroupMe and Zoom messaging apps. We are praying for all of you and we look forward to seeing everyone soon! If you have any questions regarding Student Ministry, contact:

Student Ministry Virtual Wednesday Night Bible Study

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Our Student Ministry Team is excited to announce that this year we are partnering with YouthWorks to serve in Marvell, Arkansas! We are working with YouthWorks to provide a custom experience for our students where we will lead a VBS and take on a few work projects with the ministry partners in the Marvell community.

  • When: July 19-25, 2020
  • Where: Marvell, Arkansas
  • Who can go: Students 7th-12th grade (current grade, not 2020 fall grade)
  • Cost: $625 ($50 Deposit due with Registration)
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Our Vision:

“Partner with parents to develop Junior High and High School students into mature servants for Christ.”

Our Mission:

Grow together by…
  • Focusing on community in small groups where adults and young people can build rich, authentic, mentoring relationships centered on Christ.
  • Learning how to study Scripture in context and apply it to our lives and culture today.
  • Building a common identity and purpose in Christ.
  • Having fun and laughing with one another as we enjoy the blessings of life together.

Worship together by…
  • Developing the creative abilities of our students to be used to glorify God through music and drama.
  • Coming together as a student ministry to worship God together while being led by our Youth Praise Team.
  • Encouraging students to actively serve, participate, and worship in the larger body of Fellowship Bible church so as not to become an isolated ministry.
  • Developing heart attitudes that see all of life as an opportunity to worship as we sacrificially submit ourselves to His will for us.

Serve together by…
  • Learning how God has uniquely equipped and gifted each of us to fulfill our roles in the Body of Christ.
  • Understanding God’s call on His people to serve the poor, care for the needy, and stand with the oppressed and the outcast.
  • Leaving our comfort zones to serve in our community, particularly in ways that build evangelistic relationships.
  • Going together on mission trips where we can experience other cultures.
  • Sponsoring a World Vision child together. 

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