Student Ministries

“Partner with parents to develop Junior High and High School students into mature servants for Christ.”
Grow Together by…
  • Focus on community in small groups where adults and young people can build rich, authentic, mentoring relationships centered on Christ.
  • Learn how to study Scripture in context and apply it to our lives and culture today.
  • Build a common identity and purpose in Christ.
  • Have fun and laugh with one another as we enjoy the blessings of life together.
Worship Together by…
  • Develop the creative abilities of our students to be used to glorify God through music and drama.
  • Come together as a student ministry to worship God together while being led by our Youth Praise Team.
  • Encourage students to actively serve, participate, and worship in the larger body of Fellowship Bible church so as not to become an isolated ministry.
  • Develop heart attitudes that see all of life as an opportunity to worship as we sacrificially submit ourselves to His will for us.
Serve Together by…
  • Learn how God has uniquely equipped and gifted each of us to fulfill our roles in the Body of Christ.
  • Understand God’s call on His people to serve the poor, care for the needy, and stand with the oppressed and the outcast.
  • Leave our comfort zones to serve in our community, particularly in ways that build evangelistic relationships.
  • Go together on mission trips where we can experience other cultures.
  • Sponsor a World Vision child together. 

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