Jennifer Kattner, Office Manager

Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.” ~Psalm 6:8

During the most recent summer Olympics, I happened upon a television channel that was airing the track and field trials for the paralympic games. I watched in amazement as the visually impaired runners ran their races with the aid of a guide, and the only thing keeping them together was a small wrist band. Some might say, “Is that all? That’s easy.” I can scarcely imagine the amount of physical training that goes into running an Olympic race much less the amount of training and trust it takes to run that race tethered to someone else. You have two people who must be in sync every second, from the starting gun, each step, moving in perfect rhythm to have success.

For me, so many times, it’s that way with God. Either I’m trying to take matters into my own hands, pulling Him along because I think it’s time for this or I want to do that; or, He’s pushing me because He knows I’m ready and I’m tugging against that wristband, digging in my heels. It’s a back-and-forth game, just like the tug of war I played in the school yard as a child.

Life is so much sweeter when He and I are in motion together. He’s ready, and I’m the one who needs to do the training by reading His Word, praying, spending time with Him daily, seeking wise counsel and letting Him lead. If I don’t, life will always be out of sync, never quite achieving what He truly wants for me. Psalm 62:8 says to trust in Him at all times. Trust is that little wristband between Him and me that makes everything possible–that perfect rhythm.