Josef Varga (b) Sept 2021

Josef joined Fellowship Bible Church as Operations Director in 2014. Prior to joining Fellowship, he worked mostly in the non-profit sector. Josef is a bit of a "Jack-of-all-trades", and at Fellowship, he oversees the planning and operational side of ministry; his passion is to see ministry thrive and the Gospel going forth by focusing his energy on making Fellowship a more effective organization.

Josef holds an undergraduate degree in International Studies, a Master’s degree in Global Policy, and a Non-Profit Management certificate from Baylor University. He and his wife Sarah are originally from San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs Go!), but have also lived in College Station and Austin before moving to Waco. Josef and Sarah have four kids: Charlotte, Landon, Philippa, and Brighton. In his spare time you will find him at Lake Waco or Austin!

Little known fact: He has actually been to Tatooine but didn't see any Jedi there, though there was lots of sand (it's located in Tunisia).