Mary Tompkins

How Christ has impacted my life: I was raised in a religious home that emphasized works as a means to salvation. Early on, I felt a longing for something more personal. After a period of wandering and darkness in my teens and early 20’s, God brought me to an aerobics class with several women in a similar spiritual search, and the next thing I knew I was attending a small group Bible study (a concept that was totally foreign to me). It was during those darkest days that God reached down and rescued me! I have not been the same since and have only looked back to recount His Grace and Mercy extended to me. There are so many verses I love, but one of my favorites is Philippians 1:21: "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." There is no greater joy than to serve Him in all we do, and the best is yet to come!

Mary and her husband, Dave, began attending Fellowship in March, 2023, right after they moved to Waco. Mary began working as a Ministry Assistant at Fellowship in August, 2023.

Mary was born in Iowa, but spent most of her time growing up in Illinois. She and Dave recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. They have three adult children: oldest daughter, Jordan, lives in Kansas with her husband Will. She is an ED nurse; he is an Army pilot; their only son Isaac, lives in Illinois and works as a claims manager for State Farm Insurance; youngest daughter, Micah, lives in Austin and works as an Interior Designer. She is the reason Mary and Dave came to Texas originally, and they found themselves loving Texas more and more each time they came to visit her.

Mary has an Associate of Science Degree from Black Hills State University (which is where she met her husband). She stayed home with their children while homeschooling them for the first seven years of school. Mary was then called to work at the Christian school they attended and stayed long after they graduated, for almost 20 years. After that she spent a short time with State Farm Insurance. When Mary and Dave moved to Waco, she learned about the Ministry Assistant position and was excited to put to use all the experience she had gained previously in order to serve the Lord at Fellowship.

Mary's hobbies and interests include reading and doing “projects.” She especially likes refinishing wood and trying new skills with power tools.

Little known fact:  She is left-handed when writing and bowling, but uses her right hand for cutting and most everything else. She has found that she cannot switch back and forth.