Ministry During COVID-19

UPDATED: We have just released a major update to our Moving Forward Doing LIFE Together re-opening plan:

Moving Forward Doing LIFE Together Re-Entry Plan

Dear Fellowship Bible Church Family –

What a season this has been for all of us! We want you to know how much we care about each of you and miss seeing all of you in person. As we began this year focusing on our mission, so we continue “Moving Forward Doing LIFE Together.” This series of Vision Guides are designed to help keep us all informed in these upcoming weeks and months as we progressively move to full re-entry of all face-to-face worship services and ministry gatherings.

Currently, we are in Phase 2 of a three-phased process. Our desire is to move through each of these phases in a prayerful, thoughtful, and safe manner. Our hope is that we would be able to move into Phase 3, perhaps as early as June, but we will continue to consider the conditions and move forward only when it is in the best interest of our church and community in light of the most current information.

Every two weeks we will present an updated Vision Guide that describes where our church is positioned in this three phased re-entry approach. These Vision Guides will present details and FAQ’s as we trust our Lord’s shepherding care in each step of this transition.

Please feel free to connect with any leader if we can help you or if you have specific questions. We are praying for you as we trust our Lord’s leadership in Moving Forward Doing LIFE Together!

For His glory,

Grant for the Elders of Fellowship