by Josef Varga, Operations Director

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Practice makes perfect”? If you have, you have likely heard the sly reply, “no, no… perfect practice makes perfect.” Though we might roll our eyes at the ‘perfect practice’ guy (or we might even be that guy!), there is a good point here. Regarding our Christian walk, reading the Bible is a significant piece of our practice regimen, and having the right tools to study the Bible well can be a game-changer!

The most obvious tool is having a Bible, of course! Whether you keep your physical Bible on you at all times or enjoy the convenience of the Bible App, I have always appreciated Pastor Grant’s advice that the best Bible translation is the translation you will read, and sometimes having the convenience of an app makes the difference for me! This app has a lot of features like daily reminders, options to add friends to keep you accountable, and study tools like bookmarks, highlights, and notes! In addition to this, my favorite option is the ability to use audio to listen to the Bible while driving! This tool is a convenient way to get more consistently into the Word of God.

Another great app is the BibleMemory App! Like the Bible App, there’s really nothing overly complicated here – just an app that helps you memorize Scripture through practice and repetition. There is a free version, but the paid version allows you to practice with dictation, which you might find easier to do consistently.

There are other great tools out there for a better understanding of Scripture. and Blue Letter Bible offer many resources like notes, commentaries, concordances, lexicons, maps, etc. These tools can help you go a bit deeper in your study. In addition to study Bibles like the ESV Study Bible and others, these tools provide much additional context and support for a better understanding of Scripture.

If you haven’t already, consider following us on Facebook and Instagram, downloading our church app, bookmarking our events page, and subscribing to our Connection email and Prayer chain email. While these tools don’t directly help you with your Bible study, they provide tons of great opportunities to do LIFE together at Fellowship, where you will be encouraged and equipped with Scripture every week.

If tech and apps aren’t really your thing, I have found that a few simple tools like some erasable color pens, a 6” ruler, and a Bible with large margins or a notebook can be surprisingly motivating in your pursuit of better Bible study! A few years ago the Men’s ministry did a study using the ESV Scripture Journal. It’s was a really neat way to get into the Word with the intention to take notes and discuss as a group!

Finally, one of the most valuable resources for studying the Bible is a better understanding of how to study the Bible in the first place! A great place to start is in our LIFE Giving Discipleship book in chapter 7: The Basics to Interpret and Apply Scripture. Check out that resource for an in-depth review of principles for interpreting and applying Scripture. You can also catch Grant’s message on this topic during the LIFE-Giving Discipleship series on Sunday morning or on our YouTube channel afterward.

Like Christians in every generation, I have found the practice of studying the Bible fuels my joy in our Lord and the perfect Word He has given us. I hope you will consider how God might be calling you to deeper relationship with Him through is Word. If you want to talk more about how to take next steps at Fellowship check out or website or call the office to talk to someone about what ministry opportunities we have coming up!